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There are many enthusiasts who make parts or provide services for British cars but do not have the sales or cash to cover the costs of advertising. These stalwart enthusiasts are difficult to find as word-of-mouth is their only promotional avenue. Yet their products or services are a valuable contribution to the great enthusiast body, so they have to be nurtured. Thus the British Car Cottage Industries web site! This not-for-profit web site is a depository for such artisans and offers a central point for British car owners to find. The individuals that get listed on the site are exposed to many potential buyers and the site is becoming quite well known.

So I am looking for more people to come on the site and wonder if anyone has names of likely candidates. More information can be found at: or email:

Barrie Robinson
Web Master
British Car Cottage Industries


The following is a letter which was passed on to me by Dave Woerpel (Bug-eye Sprite and MGA) from Dave Leib, of Palatine IL. (calendar maker)
-Dave Spearing the webmaster-

David Lieb wrote:
It is time for me to start working on the next Spridget calendar. For those who do not know, I have been creating calendars the last two years through the Sprite Midget Club's store featuring photos of Sprites and Midgets that have been submitted by actual Spridget owners. No, I do not go trolling the web looking for concours-correct cars; I solicit real photos of real cars from real people (or are you just virtual people?). Please do not send me a link to a photo site where you have pictures of every nut and bolt of your car. Choose some pictures that you like and email them to me at: The higher the resolution, the happier I will be. If it is in pieces in your garage, have someone take some pictures of you working on it. This is not a contest and it is not a car show. I want real pictures of real Spridgets.

All the proceeds go directly to the Sprite-Midget Club USA, the organization that brought us the Sprite 50th Celebration in the Lake of the Ozarks and will present the Midget 50th Celebration in 2011 at Road America in Elkhart Lake, WI. No, not a penny comes to me and I get to pay list price for the calendars that I buy for myself. So why do I do it? Some misguided fool (I get to see him whenever I look in the mirror) suggested this as a fund-raising possibility to the planning group of the LotO event and they thought I was volunteering ;-)

For the 2010 calendar, I would really like pictures of YOU in YOUR Spridget. Action shots are especially appreciated. Action shots also include snaps of you working on that hopeless project that your wife refers to as "the money pit". I appreciate a bit of text identifying the cars and the people, too.

Pages are still available for those who would like to create a page of photos of the Spridgets in their local group. Contact me for the details.

This is not limited to USian Spridgets, nor do the Brits need to reverse their snaps to look as if the car is LHD. CafePress is not very good about overseas orders, but if there is enough interest from overseas, we could set up a group order if someone over there is willing to re-distribute from that end.

David Lieb