Wood WOW


Tom Smith

So what is Tom up to these days you might wonder? Getting his Midget ready for paint for one. And making a new steering wheel, shift knob, and dash for their TR6 and Midget. Yes the Midget is going to have a AAAA grade Claro Burl Walnut fascia in the instrument area.

The first photo is of the wheel I designed. I found the only difference for the Midget will be the angle of the spokes. The second photo shows the wood for the steering wheels, larger, and shift knobs, smaller. Then a photo of some of the pieces and how they will fit. Then all the pieces for the steering wheels, actually enough for three of them.

101a is the veneer for the dash. Then a couple of photos of the reverse template I made to better see what the dash would look like. Next are three photos showing the choice Shirley and I made for the final layout. And finally the piece cut out and waiting to be laminated.