Our club was founded in 1991, as the Madison MG Group, in order to bring people with an interest in British cars together. This leads to diversity, but the common thread among our members is that everyone likes to talk about cars…. driving, maintaining, and restoring...

Our club members are very knowledgeable about their cars and can provide great technical support to someone who's looking for help or just another opinion. And there's a wealth of experience among our members when it comes to looking at a potential purchase; we've all done it at least once! Some of our members have a good stash of spare parts and special tools, too, or can at least point someone in the right direction.

Currently our membership consists of about 75 households. The bulk of our members live around Madison and Milwaukee, but we also have club members as far north as Green Bay and out of state.

Madison British Car Group publishes a monthly newsletter, called the, "Rumblings",  and holds monthly meetings during the storage season.

In addition, some of us like to get into our cars and drive them around to different places! Several of us have gone to University Motors Summer Parties in Grand Rapids, area car shows, and to GOF events. These events are also posted in our "Rumblings"  newsletter with a contact name if you're interested in finding more info.

Dues: $20 per household for the first year. Name badges are $5. Sweatshirts, hats, and T-Shirts with the club logo are also available. (The sweatshirts are warm; the T-Shirts are very cool!)
A Friendly Reminder: Member Dues are due.

New Members Please do not forget to fill out our interactive Membership Form, print it, and send it in! OR bring it to the next meeting.

The form may or may not be "interactive!" It can still be printed and filled out by hand.


Note: "Rumblings"  is a .pdf file.


The club is healthy functioning normally, well, whatever normal is with British cars and their owners.  We have our monthly hibernation season meetings (Sep to May) on the second Wednesday of the month at:

The Maple Tree Supper Club Grill
6010 US Highway 51
McFarland, WI 53558

come early for socializing
Meeting at 6:30

~~~ For more information contact one of the club officers ~~~


Members having lunch



Dues are due at the beginning of the year. If you haven't paid yet, please get in touch with our treasurer, Dave Nordby.





Latest Tour

Touring around Devils Lake, Parfrey's Glen May 2017. Sue Springstead, Dave Smithson, and Dawn Farris helped to organize it. 9 cars came out.